Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs)

  1. Introduction
  2. Internationally Trained Accountants (ITAs)
  3. Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs)

The CPA designation puts you on track to a successful career as a leader in business. Open the door to exciting new opportunities, and take your first step by registering for an info session. Or if you’re ready to proceed, submit your transcript for an assessment.

Support Programs

CPA Ontario offers a range of programs designed for international professionals. They including English language skills, career and job search skills, networking and more. The services will permit international professionals to:

  • Meet and hear the success stories of those who have already accomplished their goals and learn to leverage that success to create achievable career objectives
  • Understand the career paths of IEPs who are now Controllers of large organizations, CFOs or CEOs
  • Network with fellow business people
  • Gain access to language and business training that will develop both communication and technical skills.

These services are available to those pursuing the CPA designation in Ontario. To access these services, email

Mentorship Program
Each mentee will be connected with two mentors: one Canadian educated CPA to provide the perspective of the Canadian experience, and one CPA who was educated internationally, to help share the experience of coming to Canada and finding success. This approach is designed to give mentees a comprehensive perspective on Canadian career development and to help them actively plan a career path to help them achieve their goals.

Employment Assistance
CPA Ontario is ready to assist with career development. International professionals registered to pursue the CPA designation enjoy access to online training materials, job boards and one-on-one consultations that will help them develop and execute a successful career plan.

Speaking Engagements with Accomplished Internationally Educated Professionals
International Professionals will have the opportunity to attend networking events featuring accomplished CPAs and other professionals. Lunch time and evening events showcase successful CPAs as well as provide speakers on topics ranging from the inner workings of Toronto’s financial community to business etiquette.

English as a Second Language (ESL) Training
Language and cultural diversity training is also offered from CPA Ontario.