Internationally Educated Professionals

The CPA Profession is Open to the World

  1. Introduction
  2. Internationally Trained Accountants (ITAs)
  3. Internationally Educated Professionals (IEPs)

Chartered Professional Accountants (CPAs) are Canada’s trusted business leaders. They are highly valued for their financial expertise, strategic thinking, business insight, management skills and leadership. Becoming a CPA means a commitment to excellence and high professional standards, and is your key to a highly successful career in Canada.

Both internationally trained accountants (ITAs) and internationally educated professionals (IEPs) have paths to becoming a CPA in Ontario:

  1. Learn about your path if you are already a trained accountant from outside of Canada.
  2. Learn about your path if you have earned a degree from a post-secondary institution from outside of Canada.

Support Programs

CPA Ontario offers a range of programs designed for internationally educated professionals and internationally trained accountants. They include English language skills, career and job search skills, networking and more. These services are available to those pursuing the CPA designation. To access the services available at the IEP Centre, email