ACAF Program Info

ACAF Program Info

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Program update: The structure of the ACAF Program has changed. There are now two components of the program, the technical courses and the applied courses. ACAF enrollees can now complete CPA Ontario preparatory courses to fulfill the entrance requirements (entry courses) and technical courses for ACAF, or they may also choose to take these courses through post-secondary institutions. Some courses have been resequenced, such as Introductory Finance and Introductory Personal Taxation. They were formerly entrance requirements, but are now part of the ACAF program as the technical courses Corporate Finance and Taxation. 

  • The Advanced Certificate in Accounting and Finance (ACAF) program is made up of six technical applications courses and five applied courses including two electives.
  • Ethics and Workforce Skills, the first of the five applied courses, presents the ACAF program’s framework and focuses on ethics, problem solving and communication in the accounting environment.
  • The two required elective courses provide more depth in areas of particular interest to employers and students. The mandatory business applications course brings it all together.

All ACAF applied courses are eight weeks of study, followed by a study week, and a three-hour, in-person final exam, except for:

  • Ethics and Workplace Skills which is a six-week course followed by a three-hour exam.
  • Accounting Software Applications which is a 10-hour self-study online course which is a pass or fail course.


All ACAF courses are delivered online. You are given access to a subject-matter expert who will answer questions and provide coaching and guidance, if needed.


Each course is assessed through a combination of quizzes and assignments worth a maximum of 30 per cent, and a final exam worth 70 per cent of the final course grade.