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The CPA Professional Education Program (PEP) consists of a series of core, elective and capstone modules and is built on the CPA competency map. CPA PEP comprises a series of modules that focuses primarily on enhancing CPA candidates’ ability to apply professional knowledge, values, ethics and attitudes in a professional context. The modules also include some knowledge acquisition beyond the academic prerequisite level. The program will take candidates two years to complete on a part-time basis as they work at relevant employment.

CPA Professional Education Program

The program comprises:

  • Two common core modules which all CPA candidates must take, ensure the development and demonstration of technical competencies in financial reporting, strategy and governance, management accounting and certain elements of audit and assurance, finance and taxation
  • Two elective modules which allow CPA candidates to develop deeper skills in their areas of career interest; four electives will be offered: assurance, performance management, tax and finance. All candidates must choose two. Candidates pursuing careers in public accounting must choose assurance and tax.
  • A capstone integrative module* that focuses on the development of the enabling competencies such as leadership and professional skills and the integration of core competencies
  • A capstone examination preparation module* which prepares CPA candidates for the Common Final Examination

While the program’s structure is modular, it should be viewed as a continuous build of knowledge and skill over a two-year time frame. Moving from module to module will allow for a change in the context or emphasis, as well as for checkpoints at which progress can be evaluated; each module will end in an examination. Candidates must pass each module examination to proceed to the next module.

Students registering for the PEP who intend to qualify for licensing as public accountants following admission to membership in CPA Ontario are advised that the admission requirements for the PEP are currently under review by the Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario.

 PEP Important Information and Study Guide

Note: A Student may gain advanced standing in PEP if he/she graduates from a CPA Accredited Program/ Stream. For a list of CPA Accredited Programs/ Streams please visit CPA Canada's Certification web site. For those in Undergraduate Legacy CMA Accredited Programs , visit the legacy CMA Accredited course chart. For those in Undergraduate Legacy CMA Approved Programs, visit the legacy CMA Approved course chart.