Self Assessment

Welcome to the CPA Ontario Self-Assessment Tool

This tool can help you determine which courses remain outstanding in order to qualify for admission in to the CPA Professional Education Program (CPA PEP).

Please note that this tool is designed for those who have a degree from, or are currently enrolled in, a post-secondary institution in Ontario and intend to complete the CPA program through the CPA path.

If you do not fall under one of these categories, please visit Get Started Today to learn how you can self-assess.

Be advised the results provided by this tool are unofficial and are intended only as a guide. An official transcript assessment is required for registration.

To Get Started

Select the post-secondary institution you are currently attending from the first dropdown menu. Beneath it, select your year of enrolment.
If you intend to graduate from a different institution, please select the checkbox and the name of that institution.
Please indicate if you intend on obtaining a Public Accounting Licence. Learn more about the Public Accounting Licence.

Step 1: Background Information
You are currently a student at:
Your first year of enrolment was in:
* If you have completed courses prior to 2006 (i.e. 2005 or before), you may be subject to CPA Ontario’s Currency of Education Policy. For more information on the currency of education policy, please click here.
You intend to graduate from a different post-secondary institution:
* We strongly discourage students from taking courses within a subject area (e.g. Taxation) at two or more different post-secondary institutions. All course mixes within a subject area are subject to CPA Ontario review to ensure that the competency requirement has been satisfied.
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Future Post-Secondary Institution:
You are interested in obtaining a Public Accounting Licence
* The preparatory courses for the CPA program (formerly CPA PREP) have not been assessed by the Public Accountants Council for the Province of Ontario and, therefore, any individual enrolling in a preparatory course with CPA Ontario is not eligible for a public accounting licence. If you are interested in a public accounting licence or would like more information about public accounting, please click here.
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